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I stretch it out to Thee with both arms
in a gesture of offering
and I ask of Thee:

If my understanding is limited, widen it;
if my knowledge is obscure, enlighten it;
if my heart is empty of ardour, set it aflame;
if my love is insignificant, make it intense;
if my feelings are ignorant and egoistic,
give them the full consciousness in the Truth'.

Prayers and Meditations
The Mother

Arun Amin

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Arun Amin

Arun Amin is an accomplished musician, published poet and author of meditation books, music and tapes. He also teaches yoga and meditation. He learnt Western classical Violin and did higher exams of Trinity College of Music London. He plays Guitar and Keyboards and also learned Indian Classical Music from various masters.

In 1950 Arun saw in Times of India news about Sri Aurobindo and got interested in Integral Yoga. Whether on stage or on All India Radio his compositions always had something of Sri Aurobindo. Arun wrote fusion numbers 'Sitar Man' and 'Yoga Way'. These were ahead of time and in quick succession after Beatles' "Norwegian Wood". Pandit Ravishankar used Arun's song 'Sitar Man' in his film "Raga". Arun had a one on one meeting with Beatle George Harrison in 1960s. When Arun gave Mother's Blessings Packet to Beatle George Harrison he sincerely wanted to know about Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Thirty five years ago when Arun sent his first disc (the first released western music composed by an Indian in India) to Mother she sent blessings and Amrita wrote to Arun that Mother had heard both the compositions and she liked the music. The Mother's Grace changed everything . World-renowned celebrities recorded Arun's compositions in Hindi, Urdu, and English.



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