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Active, inspired by her he speaks and moves;
His deeds obey her heart's unspoken demands;
O Sun-Word, thou shalt raise the earth-soul to Light
A mightier race shall inhabit the mortal's world.


Inspirations - The Galleria

Poems by
Richard M. Eggenberger (Narad)


Transcendent God

How long before the doors so tightly sealed
Against the Presence and the force of Love,
The shuttered windows of the mind shall yield
To Light's descent and bliss revealed above.

When shall the sorrow of the world abate
And oneness tie the tattered threads of dreams,
A harmony beyond to consecrate
And to the seas of God unite the streams

Of life that run in narrow rivulets
Or flow meandering through sunless plains
And in our rushing fantasies forgets
The source and substance of the soul's domains,

A heart that widens consciously to know,
A spirit seeking for its misplaced key,
Transcendent God who fills this world below
And waits our turning towards Divinity.

To Mother

IF only my body could vibrate with Thy name
As a kitten purrs, its constant joy expressed,
And there rise in me a mystic mantra's sound
Calling Thee always in consecration' sprayer!

Music has been the inner expressive force
Charging my youth and my years in Auroville,
The Ashram choir, the night we sang to Thee--
But now a new voice dominates my days.

Somewhere behind the heart a singer sings
Recalling Thy Face, Thy Touch, The Sacred Years
When again Thy Feet descended touching earth,
And through half -blind and shuttered inner doors
We glimpsed or felt the brilliant light of Thee.

I do not know if the flame is stronger now
Than in those youthful years when you cleaved my heart
And installed therein the fierce and cleansing fire,
But I know love grows and silent gratitude.

For in these days when the earth so despairingly cries
I feel Thee near and wait the sacred hour
When the Lord in his golden image shall descend
With Thee, O my mother, his white eternal bride.

Beyond the Stone Cathedral of the Mind
( 5/10/03)

The silent multitude awaited Thee,
A gathered prayer from lips of worship rose
Then silence as upon the balcony
A glance of God drew every seeker close.

This world is an ineffable mystery
With sage and seer disguised by human form,
What gift supreme drom Heaven's dynasty
Brought Thee to earth, man's future to transform?

We the undeserving touch Thy feet
Aware that only Grace can lift our kind,
The fierce transfiguration to complete
Beyond the stone cathedral of the mind.

O Shakti mould our lives to Thy design,
Infuse in us the fire and the will
To rise above our petty days, resign
From all our prized transgressions and distil

In the heart's turbulence a calm and peace
To feel the Presence pulsing deep within,
That love from stilled desire may increase
And Thy transmuting chemistry begin.

God's Design

Who turns from Me I hold him closer still
Till all rebellion cease I shall not yield
The soul to darkness or to death the will
Of spirit to possess the truth revealed

To wisdom that resides within the soul
And joy for which the earth and man were born.
The darkness that upon the spirit stole
Is harbinger of an eternal morn

Of which the flowers speak in sunlit spheres
The aspiration of earth in fragrant bloom
And all the birds rejoice as beauty nears,
A radiance beyond this earthly room

Of sighs and sorrows, death and deep despair,
The painful process of the spirit's climb
From ignorance' close and stifling air
To the light that gleams beyond the bourne of time

And love divine that heals as calm descends
Into the heart, into the willing mind.
As God is born in us division ends.
To inner sight revealed that once was blind

The Deity in leaf, in bloom, in star,
In body and body exultant cells awake
To That which ever near was seeming far,
Human forms to God's design remake.





All extracts and quotations from the written works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the Photographs of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry -605002 India.